An Insight That Changed My Career

Dirk Baldwin, Retired Dean of the College of Business, Economics, and Computing, University of Wisconsin-Parkside reflects back on his career in education, and how everyone learns a little differently.

Data Theory, The Next (Overdue) Discipline

Data Theory focuses on the fundamental concepts needed to model data and to make sense of it, so we asked Data Scientist Raymond K. Roberts to make sense of that.

A Letter To My Gateway Family

Gateway Technical College President Bryan Albrecht reflects on a 38 year career in education.

How the Internet of Things Can Help Cities in Times of Crisis

When disaster hits it is often unexpected and communities are ill prepared to deal with the issues that come with the it. George Vukotich shares some thoughts on how IoT can make all the difference for cities, especially during times of crisis.

Why Time Management Matters

Steve Scherer from the Impact of Leadership Podcast breaks down the years of your life to show how important it is to use each day effectively.

Smart Cities and Zero Trust: The Time Is Now

George Vukotich, Ph.D. shares his thoughts on data audits, and how cities can become smarter and safer with their information applications.

Start-Up Stories: Altruize (Tech-Prize 2021 Event Winner!)

Nicole Sdao is changing the world, and the way nonprofits engage corporations with her innovative app.

A Q&A with Author Tory Envy

The Hmong-American author wrote a unique children’s book that tackles big concepts of identity, family and the human spirit. We talked with her about being a creative entreprenuer and more.

A Letter To My 25-Year-Old Self

When you think about yourself at 25 years old, from this perspective in life, you recognize both how bright you were and how little you knew. Entrepreneur Jeff Daniel reflects back on his career at Johnson Controls and more.