Mentorship Program

Enabling Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tech-Prize  Mentorship Program works in conjunction with BizShop and TechShop events to guide the Tech-Prize Competition participants to enhance their ideas. Selected participants are offered an option to join the Mentorship program. Tech-Prize volunteer Mentors are successful Entrepreneurs, Executives, and educators with relevant experience and access to resources to support the mentors.   


YOU can be a mentor!

Mentoring can be incredibly rewarding for both you and your community

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is an individual with expertise and has access to experts who can help the Mentee successfully achieve the business or career objectives.  

A Tech-Prize mentor specifically has two primary objectives for the Mentee. 

  1. The Tech-Prize Competition related function establishes the Mentor as a coach who provides advice to enhance the Mentee’s performance in the competition and development of the Idea for success beyond the Tech-Prize event.
  2. The Mentor will also act as a role model and provide a support system for the Mentee. 

Both objectives provide explicit and implicit lessons related to the professional development of the Mentee.

Mentor Pledge of Confidentiality.

For a mentoring relationship to develop, both the mentor and mentee must feel that discussions of private issues or problems are being handled with discretion. The Tech-Prize Mentor Pledge of Confidentiality is developed to protect both the mentor and mentee from a breach of confidentiality during the mentoring process. 


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Join us in organizing the exciting events and activities during the 10-day Tech-Prize event. We meet every other Monday at 6:30pm In-Person at Uncorkt in downtown Racine at 240 Main St, Racine, WI 53403, United States. and virtually via Zoom. 

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Are you interested in helping us make Racine as a city with a thriving economy and reestablish her glory to the ttle as The Invention City. We are looking for volunteers to help during Tech-Prize in July-August 2020

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