Become a Volunteer

As envisioned by its organizers, Tech-Prize will attract entrepreneurs and innovators and from across the country to compete or to discover new business opportunities. Running this program needs talented individuals willing to volunteer and give back to the community.

So!  Are you looking to meaningfully volunteer your time, talents, and experience? Do you want to have a hand in helping a budding entrepreneur – and their business – succeed?  If so, click “I’d Love to Become A Volunteer” button below!

Volunteering and working with Tech-Prize competitors is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.  We need volunteers across a number of topic areas to provide professional business knowledge and guidance to help these entrepreneurs increase their chances of success.

There are many ways to serve as a Volunteer for Tech-Prize

Immediate Opportunities to Volunteer

Tech-Prize Needs You!

The Tech-Prize 2021 event is just days away!  We need volunteers to help manage the event. 

This is your opportunity to be part of something new and exciting for our local community.  Join our team of loud, proud, and very excited volunteers as we link arms together to launch the culmination of more than 2 years of effort.

There are a number of areas we seek volunteers.  Please review the list above, then click the link below and join the fun!

Help your community

Meet People

Be part of something special!

Have fun…

Get a t-Shirt!

Come join the Team!

Three Primary Opportunities to Volunteer!


Event Volunteer

Help the Tech-Prize event happen smoothly by working registration tables, guiding people for events, serving food, and just plain having fun meeting people and working on a common goal.  Specifically, we need people on these dates:

    • Code-A-Thon – 9/10-11
    • Biz-Shops 9/17
    • Pitch Competition 9/18
    • Mixer 9/10
    • Networking event, 9/17)

Headquarters Table

The Tech-Prize Headquarters will be at the Crosswalk Park during the event.  Volunteers will answer questions about the events, locations, times, getting involved, how to vote, etc. Specifically, we need people on these dates:

    • Uncorkt – from 9/10 – 9/18

General Volunteers during main event

During the main event, Saturday, 9/18, which happens in partnership with the Party on Pavement, Wear a Tech-Prize shirt, stationed different places downtown, carry hand-outs, introduce people to the competition, route to the idea locations to vote, route to the Tech-Prize and education booth at Crosswalk Park, Attend the Awards Ceremony at 7:00 PM on Monument square

Long-Term Opportunities to Volunteer


Tech-Prize seeks individuals with qualified experience in start-ups, operations, and specialty areas like legal and technical areas.

Coding Expert

Tech-Prize seeks individuals with qualified experience in full-stack application development, coding techniques, databases, etc.  Your role would be assisting program directors to develop coding competitions, creating test databases and mentoring coders of all skill levels.

Event Volunteer

Tech-Prize Events require a lot of hands to manage.  From set-up to tear down, manning booths talking to people about the Tech-Prize there are many opportunities to give of your time to make a Tech-Prize event successful.

Advisory Board

Tech-Prize seeks highly experienced business professionals who value the local community willing to leverage their time and talents by advising and contributing to all that is Tech-Prize.

Advisory Board members can choose to serve on one of three sub-committees across 7 tracs as laid out below:

1. COMPETITIONS: Includes App Development, Idea, Pitch and eSports.

2. FUNDRAISING: Securing sponsors and partnerships to support our mission.

3. EDUCATIONAL: Advising on and developing our educational programs such as Tech-Prize and Biz-Shops.

4. SMART CITY CODING EVENTS:  Various coding events design to develop coding skillsets across all levels while developing useful applications targeted at the Smart City Initiative.

Volunteer Testimonials

In 2018, the task of Visioning a Great Racine’s Thriving Economy WAVE team was ““How do we enable a Thriving Economy for our general community now and for years to come”.  Through this process, I met outstanding people in students, volunteers, youth, civic, education and business leadership.  I learned that the entire community “wants” to do great things – the community has a huge spirit of volunteer energy.  The key question: “what to do and how to do it together”.  Instead of sitting on the side and complaining, I’ve chosen to work, talk, listen and act, with a group that desires the same.  We have a blast, people come together and things get done – just think – if we could get every person in the community to find their way to help – what a great reward. 

Together, lets shape our future!  We would love to have you join us 🙂

Jeffrey A. Daniel

President Products Group, Blue Flux Power & Co-Leader Tech-Prize

In January 2018 I became involved with Visioning a Greater Racine as they announced the WAVE teams.  The Thriving Economy WAVE team captured my attention because I believe if we have a thriving economy in Racine, we will have people living, working and playing in Racine…and as a local business person, a thriving economy means people enjoying themselves at Uncorkt.  Having a technology background myself, when then goal became restoring Racine’s “Innovation City” history, I was hooked.  I love the opportunity to give back to the community by helping others to develop their skills, and for them to innovate their products in Racine.  This goal, a Thriving Economy and restoration of “Invention City” and helping others is the perfect opportunity to my own goals, both personal and professional.

Tony Bigonia

Owner, Uncorkt & Co-Leader Tech-Prize

I have had one of the most satisfying experiences of my business career working with a couple of college students as a mentor to guide them through the process.  It was so satisfying to share business concepts and strategies and watch their eyes light up and then act on those concepts.  As the result, they are currently a top competitor for the Idea Competition and they have actually had conversations with a major manufacturer in their industry.  So very satisfying!

Jeffrey W. Hunter

VP Global Field Services, BlueFlux Power

I am not tech-savvy, but have found many opportunities to volunteer my services to our Tech-Prize Committee. As a retired Counselor and teacher working in the social service field, I have found great satisfaction and fulfillment supporting the competent, community-minded people with Tech-Prize and Visioning a Greater Racine to bring innovative ideas to fulfillment and energize our local economy.

Barry Uhlenhake

Counselor & Teacher (ret)

Our Family ACE Hardware Store is celebrating it’s 70th Anniversary this year. My grandfather had a mentor locally known as Colonel Christensen. He gave my grandfather business and real estate advice and the first of several business loans to buy inventory and to get his new venture launched on State Street in 1951. Grandpa always commented how helpful and appreciative he was for the mentoring Colonel Christensen provided. For many years after my grandfather later served on the Christensen Foundation Board that provided scholarships and helped local civic organizations as a way to “pay it forward” to others excited to start their new beginnings.

Scott Kortendick

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Tech-Prize is a truly unique opportunity for people with a wide variety of interests and abilities to come together and make something great. Industry 4.0 jobs and skillsets are the best way to transform our regional economy and community into something the next generations can be proud to call home.  Tech-Prize allows each of us to draw on our specific passions and talents, as we work towards the shared goal of creating an environment of success, entrepreneurship, and creativity. So no matter your background, you can make a huge impact with Tech-Prize. 

Justin Wheeler

Director of Media, Orchestrating Good

I came to Racine from Detroit Michigan in 1981 by way of Menomonie, Fond du Lac, and Kenosha Wisconsin cities.  I was immediately impressed by the numerous entertainment and recreational opportunities as well as the diversity of the businesses in Racine.  I have been here through recessions, but have also seen the addition of the beautiful marina.  I became aware of the history of Racine as “Invention City”.  As a former Industrial Education teacher (shop classes such as drafting, woodworking, and the like) and presently employed by Racine Unified School District (RUSD), I am intrigued by the Tech-Prize effort to bring Racine back as a “maker of things” and not just selling others products.  I am proud to be a Tech-Prize volunteer and competitor.

Jeff Schultz

Citizen of Racine