Tech-Prize Sponsors

Tech-Prize Sponsors strengthen their image as a business/technology thought leader and a socially engaged company involved in the community and they are very appreciated by the Tech-Prize Team.  Read on to learn more.

2022 Tech-Prize Sponsors, Donors, Educators & Partners

They say it takes a community to raise a child.  The same thing applies when we talk about getting all our community resources to pull together to invest, educate, motivate and finally celebrate the improvements we are all working to create together.  Just think what would happen if we all worked to make the vision of “Invention City” a reality again.  The Tech-Prize competition and process are designed to do exactly that.  The Tech-Prize sponsor program is designed to enable the resources, education, and motivation to make those things a reality.

Tech-Prize was launched in January of 2020.  Since then, we’ve had dozens of companies, individuals, and educators join the vision to reinvigorate our communities.  And this is more than a local event.  Already we’ve impacted entrepreneurs all around the globe with over $100,000 in scholarships and cash awards.  And all this came from partners like you, who have the vision to create and support the entrepreneurial spirit.  And frankly, we do this selfishly!  This investment in our community will grow start-up businesses, create jobs, and supercharge our pool of talented workers who appreciate the business and have the acumen that makes businesses successful.

We sincerely appreciate the vision these Sponsors, Donors, Educators, and Partners have shown by supporting the Tech-Prize cause.  Without their support, we would not be able to develop this program.  If you are not yet a Sponsor, Donor, Educator, or Partner with us, please, we invite you to join the growing ranks of Tech-Prize.  Click the link below and let’s discuss how you can participate!

Please review the list of Tech-Prize Sponsors, Donors, Educators & Partners below.  Read about why they see value in Tech-Prize.  Then visit their Sponsor page (About Button) to learn about their business vision for the community and why they are excited to be part of this great venture we call Tech-Prize.

Entities are listed alphabetically by the year they joined in the vision of the Tech-Prize Team.

Our Sponsors and Partners

ButterBuds, a manufacturer of food flavorings, is a proud sponsor and a founding member of Tech-Prize, and a member of VGR.

“The ideal goal is through positive change, to create a culture of entrepreneurship in SE WI.”
Tom Buhler, Chief Community Affairs Officer

About Butterbuds

QRG, one of the largest branded products and print distributors in the US, helps our clients tell their stories about their mission and core values.

“Tech-Prize is a great example of ‘BrandGood’ in action and why we love being involved.  We expect good things to come from this!” Todd Pottebaum, President

About QRG

As a regional financial provider, our success is dependent on helping our customers succeed.  We believe that we can achieve more together, in partnership.

“We are excited to sponsor Tech-Prize because their programs, like ours, help people achieve more.”
Todd Pottebaum, President

About ECU

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we know the importance of building and maintaining a brand.

“We believe that Tech-Prize will have a significant positive long-term effect on both the local and global community growing innovation through education and mentoring.”
Kiran Vedek, Chief Technology Officer

About DesignsTouch

“For virtually our entire history, Racine County has been a leader in innovation and industry. We recognize the potential of Tech-Prize to help carry on this tradition, and we hope students become involved and inspired.”
Jonathan Delagrave, County Executive, County of Racine Wisconsin

About Jonathan Delagrave

As a Founding Member of Tech-Prize, Gateway Technical College seeks to raise the quality of education to new levels.

“Our objective is to create environments that create big futures for our students and benefit to the community.”
Ray Koukari, Dean

About Gateway

Our culturally diverse schools prepare students to thrive and graduate career and/or college-ready.  Tech-Prize is a great program for that objective.

“We love what Tech-Prize does to promote innovation.  There is no greater goal than to prepare children to be competitive on a global scale.”
Daryl Burns, Deputy Chief of Schools

About RUSD

Our story is our students story, and we strive to be a student-centered university offering a broad range of degree programs.

“Tech-Prize’s aligns well with UWP’s mission to provide a dynamic learning community grounded in excellence.” Dirk Baldwin, Dean, College of Business, Economics, and Computing (ret)

About UWP

Our giving focus is in areas of human services, health, arts, youth, economic and community development.

“We see a great connection with Tech-Prize’s mission to foster innovation and entrepreneurialism through their focus on education, mentoring and resources.  Expect great things from Tech-Prize”  EC Styberg

About Styberg

I am excited to see that the Thriving Economy Wave team is working on Ambitious and Grand Initiatives like Tech-Prize that will kick-start the growth of our community in multiple dimensions such as commerce, trade, and tourism while providing a platform for intellectual growth through technology competition.”
Tom Buhler, Founder, VGA, Racine Wisconsin

About Tom Buhler

“We have a safe, friendly and inviting lakefront community with a rich history and diverse culture. Come for exploring new technology and innovation, as well as our great food, fun attractions, and community amenities. Our team of peace officers will be on hand to promote a safe and secure environment and memorable experience during your stay.”
Art Howell, Chief of Police, City of Racine

About Art Howell

Huntington supports the objectives of Tech-Prize because they align so well with the core values we hold dear.

“We love the Tech-Prize objectives that strive to help the idea creators make that idea find fulfillment.”
Arlene Martin, Vice President – SBA Lending/USDA Commercial Lending 

About Huntington

Our mission is to grow Racine County spurring economic development by helping businesses expand, relocate, finance projects, and acquire talent.

“We support the objectives of Tech-Prize because its a long-term program to increase jobs through the development of entrepreneurialism.”
Laura Million, Deputy Director


ERA’s mission is through extensive subject knowledge, to optimize your business costs and find innovative solutions to meet your company’s needs.

“We support Tech-Prize for its focus on innovation and the development of entrepreneurialism.”
Persons Name, Title

About era

Uncorkt is a proud sponsor and a founding member of Tech-Prize and a member of VGR.

“We seek to reinvigorate the local community through education, relationship and growth of the entrepreneurial spirit”
Tony Bigonia, Owner, uncorkt

About uncorkt

“The great state of Wisconsin is driving forward to bring new business and industry.  Building a base of technical and business talent is required to see the growth we expect.  I believe that Tech-Prize provides a unique long-term mechanism to grow innovators and skilled workers to support our growth strategies.”
Daryl Burns, Deputy Chief of Schools, RUSD

About Daryl Burns

“I believe in long-term strategies for the benefit of the community.  Tech-Prize, with its focus on education, resources and mentoring in the development of business acumen, is a program that over time will bring significant benefit not only to Racine but the entirety of Southeast Wisconsin.”
Cory Mason, Mayor of Racine Wisconsin

About Cory Mason

Not A Sponsor Yet?

There are many tangible and intangible benefits to sponsorship.  Follow the link below to learn more.

    • Identification in Tech-Prize literature.
    • Invitation-only social event for sponsorship groups and competitors.
    • Preferred seating at opening and award ceremonies.

And most importantly, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that your involvement provides critical value to your community as we reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit and the outcome of highly qualified individuals with business savvy and experience – that you are looking to hire!  Click the link below and let’s create a positive impact together!