Thank You on this Day of Giving 

Your financial support will sustain VGR’s mission and support the first Tech-Prize event.

What is the Tech-Prize Process?

Tech-Prize is a competition and process, hosted in Racine WI, designed to create innovative ideas, develop a process to launch those ideas in our community, and establish the skills required to enable results.  This is done through a combination educational workshops and competitions.  The outcome of this process will be to re-establish the Racine community as “Invention City”.  This will result in a city where people will love to live, work and play right here in southeast Wisconsin. 

Your involvement will boost goodwill for your organization and our community, help produce a talented pool of idea generators and future employees, and lead to a thriving community.

How can you participate?

The Tech-Prize leadership looks eagerly forward to working with our individual, education, business and civic leadership in the coming year.  We will work diligently to mature this process of creating ideas, building skills and launching those ideas right here in our community. 

To do that, we do need assistance in the following  areas; participation of people as mentors and entrepreneurs, idea creation, and funding to support the competition, training and communication process. 

We would love to have you consider including the Tech-Prize process in your giving plans for both “Giving Tuesday” and your year-end philanthropic planning.  We seek to raise $1M over the next year to use for the topics referenced.  Based on the results from this process used in a similar community, we fully believe the results will return multiples of the investment.  We also believe this to be one of the most impactful donations a person came make to the future our community.

  • As an individual, please consider a 1 time or monthly donation that would total $100 for the year.  This is $8.33/month or $0.27/day.  If only 10,000 of our local citizens can do this, we can meet these fund raising objectives and initiate the change targeted.  If this amount is not appropriate, please choose an amount that  supports  your personal objectives.
  • As a business or philanthropic organization, please consider a 1 time or monthly donation that would fit your organizational objectives.  This can be applied as a tax advantaged marketing approach. It will be a signal to your team members and the community of your strong commitment to our community and that we are working together to design and enable our future. 

The Tech-Prize social media and other communication  methods will be seen 2.4 Million times over the next year by the individuals in our community. 

We would love to speak with you regarding your specific marketing needs and how we customize your participation to be the most impactful for your group.

Tech-Prize donations can be made at  Tech-Prize is a non-profit, tax deductible, 503(c) recognized organization.  Therefore all monetary donations can be planned and claimed in your annual tax filings.  There are 1 time and monthly recurring donation options.  

We additionally seek your time and talent to mentor idea creators, participate as presenters in the Biz-Shops or Tech-Shops, and would love to have you participate in the overall Tech-Prize leadership process.

We thank you again for your past participation and wish you a safe and blessed holiday season. 

We hope you consider additional participation on “Giving Tuesday” and going forward as it makes sense for you and your organization.

Here’s to Technology!


The Tech-Prize Leadership Team

We Need


Financial Support 


  • For attractive prizes
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Organization and Infrastructure