Idea Competition Awards

The main objective of the Tech-Prize Idea Competition is to encourage the generation of innovative new products, services, and technologies from around the globe which can become the foundation for new businesses. The competition is open to anyone and offers over  $8,500 in prizes!

This year’s finalists come from several schools and colleges across the globe and are innovating across a variety of industries. Take a look at the 3 winners for the 2nd annual Tech-Prize Idea Competition.


1st Prize of $5,000 awarded to Rachael Gage for her idea for Bearer of Health

Existing products (per google search) reveal just “phone holders” not a safe and stuffed bear which can display photos, connect patients for face video phone calls, and also store vital sign information as needed. This new product could connect to an app via a smartwatch as well for increased support, help the senior stay in touch with family or loved ones. Also if a loved one has dementia and needs something to distract them, this bear would have small “fiddly” portions which would be helpful to keep busy hands occupied. No current products available blend all of these useful products. Additionally, it could have an option for a life alert if appropriate. Another option for monitoring vital signs for any health agency is to provide improved healthcare. Also able to be culturally congruent and personalized to individual person. All of these options could help connect families and healthcare and help support elderly loved ones to help the elderly live a longer and more supported life with the best quality of life available. It also could have a simple secure app in order to do virtual visits to make healthcare visits simpler as well since there would be the option for a tablet.

2nd Prize of $2,500 awarded to Keegan Moldenhauer for his teams SaaS App Idea called Internship On Demand

Traditional early-talent acquisition is broken.  Every year, 64% of college students are overlooked for internships. Talent acquisition tools underserve employers.  They take too much time and resources and they don’t find the right candidates based on real work and value fit.

Due to the pandemic, we saw students lose the career-defining opportunity that comes with landing an internship. We started Internship on Demand to ensure no college students would struggle to begin their career.

Internship on Demand creates custom, employer-driven virtual programs reflecting culture, projects, and role responsibilities.  These pre-internships are work-based hiring and training which saves hiring teams time & money, increase production from day one, and offers higher full-time conversion and retention rates.

3rd Prize of $1,000 awarded to Shrikant Yarlagadda’s team for a SaaS App idea called Vieaura

Companies create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to make employees safer & smarter. This is time-consuming & expensive.

Vieaura offers a No-code SaaS platform that integrates extended reality (AR/MR) into standard work (SOPs) to improve industrial workforce efficiency.

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