The Wisconsin Founder Institute is proud to announce our upcoming event: ‘Startup Legal: Feedback from Madison’s Top Startup Lawyers (Online)’. Check out the event speakers and topics:

Founder Institute Wisconsin is actively promoting the upcoming inaugural launch of our first Founder Institute Cohort starting on March 15th.  We’d sincerely appreciate your posting this event to your network and helping us find entrepreneurs who could take advantage of this fantastic program that will position them with the right materials to effectively launch their business idea.

And, we’d love to have you attend as well!

Here are the event details: Startup Legal: Feedback from Madison’s Top Startup Lawyers (Online)

If you are interested in understanding how to set-up a company the right way, then join us for this online and interactive Startup Legal AMA event. Get answers to your legal questions from some of Wisconsin’s top startup lawyers. Learn about the different types of corporations, how to deal with Co-Founder and team members, common pitfalls to avoid, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to get feedback and free legal advice!


You can learn more about the Founder Institute program at or contact Jeff Hunter at [email protected].

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