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Our Innovation

Safety. Awareness. Focus. Empowerment. We value each of these as crucial components of everyday life. Our team’s mission is to ensure nobody is deprived of them. So, what are we doing about it? We are merging technology and communication to create one wholesome safety tool! The team vision is to ambitiously pursue our mission statement through innovation. Help us accomplish this goal by completing the survey above!

Our Goal

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Who is Team SafeZen?

Team SafeZen is comprised of ……………….


Meet The Team

Achyut Krishnan

Achyut Krishnan

Team Co-Leader

My name is Achyut Krishnan and I am from Racine, Wisconsin. I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing majors in Computer Science and Economics with Mathematical Emphasis. My partner and I are excited to compete in the Tech-Prize Pitch Competition! My roles include team lead as well as handling business/marketing operations and software development. More than gaining practical experience in these fields of interest, this competition is enabling me to design creatively and to think analytically – two traits that are rooted in computer science and economics. As I progress through this competition, I find myself continually discovering new skills and practices all while developing a product that creates value for the community. I eagerly look forward to the future of this team and its idea!

ethan ferguson

Team Co-Leader

My name is Ethan Ferguson, a Mechanical Engineering major also working toward a Business certificate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. That being said, I am originally from Racine, Wisconsin. I am eager to compete in this year’s Tech-Prize Pitch Competition! My position within the team encompasses hardware design, development, and testing. While these tasks continually teach me invaluable and applicable knowledge, the competition has allowed me to utilize the core skill of innovation: problem-solving. Taking advantage of this opportunity has uncovered new techniques that will surely benefit the team’s idea as well as my career. With this in mind, I continually strive toward developing a wholesome product that will bring value to our community!



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