Legacies and Leaders

The history of Southeastern Wisconsin is marked by innovation and bold ideas.

We’re sharing the story of where the companies that made our community great came from, how they’ve changed the world through product innovation and philanthropy, and where they’re going next.”

– Justin Wheeler, Founder of Legacies and Leaders 

Part of the Tech-Prize process is recognizing what a company means to its community. In the “Legacies and Leaders”  series we’re partnering with some of the greatest creators and brands in Southeastern Wisconsin to tell their story. By combining video interviews, historical photographs, text information, and additional virtual reality experiences, your history can come to life in an interactive way for generations to come.



Your Legacy Lasts Forever

Start-Up Stories.

Starting at the early days of product inception and design, we’ll look at the risks taken by the founding members of a business, whose entrepreneurial spirit guided the concept through initial doubts and uncertainties, into a company of endless opportunity. 

Innovations That Changed The Nation.

A deep dive into the innovative moments in your company history that made significant developments within your larger industry, and grew the trajectory of your brand.

A Legacy That Lasts Forever.

After telling the story of where you came from, and where you’re going, we look at the big picture impact of your company by discussing the difference you’ve made by creating jobs, contributing to a regional economy, and supporting nonprofit efforts through philanthropic giving.

Your story told by professionals.

Tech-Prize works with Orchestrating Good and Echo Eternal Media Group, a team of award-winning journalists and producers with a history of helping corporations define a culture, and reignite passion within a workforce and community. 

Evolving exhibits that celebrate your journey.

By using blockchain technology, we’re integrating your story and content online and into the metaverse, to create an experience that educates and inspires viewers from anywhere in the world. 

Share your story with prospective clients and employees to aid in your sales and talent acquisition process, by showcasing an evolution, corporate community impact, and culture that resonates with people.


Easy financing options

Tech-Prize is a 501c3 organization so all “Legacy and Leadership” projects are funded through tax deductible donations. 

Celebrate Your Story

Every great business is a chapter in the history of our region. Sharing your story inspires a new generation of entrepreneurs and fosters community.