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Tech-Prize Can Help You Hire and Retain Talented Employees

Our academic recruiting tools can help you have a better understanding of a potential employee’s interests, strengths, and academic journey. Our story-telling process can help you be the place great people want to work for.



Find Talent With Great Potential 

Tech-Prize has unprecedented access and resources to work with and track the evolution of great young minds across the country. Our database can help identify ideal applicants for your region and idustry specialties, and help get those candidates into your office for an interview faster.

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Put your company on the map and get access to great employees, industry resources, and more. 

Define Your Culture

A great corporate culture is a necessity for attracting top candidates.  Tech-Prize has a process and marketing team that can help you share your identity in a way that helps you hire.

Innovation's That Changed The Nation

A video series highlighting the history, industry achievements, and community support of the greatest brands in America.

Coming in 2023.

The Legacy of a Business

Stories that define the impact of the companies that make southeastern Wisconsin great.

Coming in Q2 2022.