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Tech-Prize Can Help You Attract Better Students, and Get Your Graduates Hired

Our academic recruiting tools can help you get your name in front of the best students in your area. Once those kids complete their education, we can help them land that first great job after college.



Find Students With Great Potential 

Tech-Prize has unprecedented access and resources to work with and track the evolution of great young minds across the country. Our database can help identify ideal applicants for your region and program specialties, and help get those students enrolled with you.

Share Your Story

Partner with Tech-Prize on creating and sharing digital content highlighting the accomplishments of your institution’s programs and graduates. 

Get Your Graduates Better Opportunities

 Our database works with some of the best brands in the world who are eager to hire great, motivated, individuals. Help your top graduates get a great job as soon as they get their diploma. 

Innovation U

A video series highlighting the innovative achievements by academic institutions and their alumni. 

Coming in 2023.